Scholarship & Work Exchange

  STF Scholarships

We are offering a number of partial scholarships for young dancers that show great potential and are in need of financial assistance. This scholarship grants the opportunity for students that may otherwise not have the possibility to take part in such an educational and creative environment where they exchange and learn from some of the best tap dancers in the world. Those selected for the scholarship will receive a 50% discount on the Main Schedule package.
You can apply by emailing us the details showing why you need and deserve the scholarship. Please state your age, where you are traveling from, and what level/track you would be interested in. Again we are looking for dancers that are passionate about tapping, can show their dedication to the art form, and have a need for financial assistance. If possible, include a short video showing where you currently are with your dancing.

Come and learn from some of the best tappers in the world!

Work Exchange Program

Another option for dancers without financial means to attend the festival is to help out during the event in exchange for free classes. The arrangement for those participating in the work exchange is free access to a full day of the event (Main Schedule classes + evening event) in exchange for each full day of help (1,5 shifts/8+4 hours). Please contact us directly if you are interested in the work exchange program, and state your age and what level/track you would be interested in. Thank you!