Themed Classes

Morning theme classes (included in Main Schedule)

All students registered for a Main Schedule package are to pick one of the many themed classes offered each morning, April 14th-17th. These themed classes will be a mix of tap and non-tap classes suitable for a range of levels. You will select the class you want for each morning when you arrive at the festival check in.

 THEMED CLASS SCHEDULE (click image to enlarge).
Time: 10:00-11:10 each morning, Friday through Monday.

These fantastic dancers and musicians will be teaching the morning theme classes! More names coming...

Victor Shustov

Fredericks Ngo Kii
Michele Drees
Junior Laniyan

Avalon Rathgeb

Joan Terrasa Ginard

Marie N'diaye - Swing
Timofey Timofeev

Sergii Ostapenko
Estefanía Porqueras Ocaña
Daniel Rörström
Tzahi Ben-Meir
Aleksandr Ostanin
Jonas Nermyr
Andy Fite
Barbora Hebacková
Andrea Herrera

Clara Martinez

Marta Manotas

Sara Macchiavelli