Repertoire Track (for levels 5 & 6)

Nicholas Young, STF 2016 Showcase Gala
 Rather than taking just one or two classes from several teachers, the Repertoire Track offers a format where you work with only one teacher in a much more intensive way. You will be learning a repertoire piece and have the opportunity to perform what you have learned with live music at the Showcase Gala, sharing a stage with our outstanding faculty. This track includes a morning theme class each day, as all other tracks, but the remaining 10 classes are lead by Nicholas Young, an amazingly talented artist and co-creator / choreographer for ETM of Dorrance Dance.

NOTE!! This track is open only for levels Advanced and Professional (levels 5 & 6). Please respect this as we want the teacher, fellow students and YOU to have the best experience possible and get the most out of the classes.

Schedule is subject to change. SCHEDULE (click image to enlarge)