Annija Kesele

Annija Kesele is a Riga based Tap Dancer. She is one of the pioneers who represent tap dance culture traditions and try to build tap dance community movement in Latvia. Tap dance is the biggest passion of her life. Every year she is participating in tap dance festivals and master classes to develop her dance skills. She has been studying contemporary dance but all the time has been focusing on dance rhythms and music. Main idea is about MUSIC what you create. She started tap dance group Soul Tap in 2008. Since then, Soul Tap has had many collaborations with different kind of musicians to represent tap dance art form in various ways. Soul Tap perform performances in all of Latvia, having gigs in major events, festivals and corporate parties. Since 2010 Annija regularly teach. In 2016 Annija opened Soul Tap studio in Riga and regularly organizes jams and workshops. In 2017 join jazz musician Landscape tour to Sweatherland and create tap dance numbers for polyrhythmic jazz compositions.