Polina Yampolskaya

Polina Yampolskaya is a tap dancer and teacher, choreographer, musician, singer and actress.
In a age of 3 Polina starts her dance career in a ballet school in Moscow. After 8 years of education she begins to work in the theatre of plastic art “Searchers” as a dancer, actress and singer. When she was a student of a theatre academy tap dance appeared in her life and then Polina realized that swing dance, swing music and “all that jazz” is her life, dream and destiny! Polina starts as a tap teacher in 2002 in the Shukin theatre academy in Moscow. At 2005 she founds her own tap school “Jam Studio” and begins to perform in the clubs and various scenes of Moscow, St. Petersburg, cities of Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania and Germany.
As everybody knows, tap dance is not only dance, but also a musical instrument, that produces sounds, so every tap dancer should be a dancer and musician at the same time. That’s why the day, when Igor Yampolsky jr. comes in “BO”jazz school, is a day of great changes in the Polina’s teacher career! Musicians start to dance, dancers start to learn and play music - dreams come true! Till that time Igor and Polina dance, teach and play music together. On Polina classes students learn about the technical side of tap dance, choreography and sound skills, music, rhythm, and groove.
Since Polina choose the tap dancing, she thought, that theater is in her past… But she was wrong. In 2011-2012 she was in tour about Finland, Holland, France, Israel, Italy and USA. She performed as an actress, singer and drummer in the theatrical project of Dmitry Krimov Laboratory and BAC (Baryshnikov Art Centre) “In Paris” by famous Russian writer Ivan Bunin with Mikhail Baryshnikov in the lead role.
Polina is one of the leaders of “BO”jazz band and “BO”jazz Big Band. She performs as tap dancer, Jazz singer, MC, director and choreographer of the show.