There are no hotels/hostels in the small suburb of Bagarmossen but Stockholm is not a big city so almost wherever you stay at it will be fairly easy and fast to get to the festival venue. (the metro runs all night long during the festival. From Thursday night to, and including, Sunday night.) Fastest would be to stay somewhere along the green metro line 17, south of central station. Some suggestions:


STF Free Housing

We're offering floor space in the festival venue for those that are not able to rent a hotel or hostel. There are toilets, showers, but no beds. Bring sleeping gear. The free housing is available for 6 nights, from evening of April 17th to evening on April 23rd.
Your festival registration must be confirmed and paid in order to reserve a spot in the STF Housing. We have a limited number of spots, please respect that this option is for those who otherwise wouldn't afford to come to STF.

Another option is to try and find a fellow dancer who can host guests during the festival. You can for example ask in the FaceBook group Stockholm Tap Jam